Writer Linnea DunneI write, edit, proofread and brainstorm content, most happily when its sole purpose is to change the world and most effectively with a coffee at hand. It’s been said on more than one occasion that I am ridiculously conscientious and have stupidly high standards, neither of which is a lie.

Among other things, I have produced copy for Bookatable and MasterCard, op-eds and editorials for the Guardian and the Irish Times, straplines for Kia, blog posts for the f-word and blur Group, and translations for FRII, Chevrolet and & other Stories. If you need an opinion piece or help with copy-editing, storytelling or anything else that might require a sharp pen and keen eye, drop me an email on info [at] linneadunne [dot] com.

Here’s some stuff I wrote:

We shouldn’t have to fake a religion just to get a child into school systemop-ed, Irish Independent, December 2016.

So you’re bored of me over-sharing my life as a mum?, editorial,, September 2016.

Role of domestic abuse in Hawe deaths must not be ignored, op-ed, Irish Times, September 2016.

How a murdered woman became invisible in the coverage of her death, editorial, the Guardian, September 2016.

Annika Sörenstam – Sweden’s all-time best golfer, cover feature, Scan Magazine, May 2016., all original web copy, Living Word, January 2016.

Sofia Helin – the actor who has it allcover feature, Scan Magazine, December 2015.

3C Online, all original magazine copy, Scan Client Publishing, July 2015.

Where did the fathers go?, blog post, the f-word, September 2013.

“We Killed a Whale” – How do you deal with a toxic PR story?, blog post, blur Group, September 2013.